VPNs may not work with a mobile hotspots for a number of reasons, including:

1 Network Configuration: Some mobile hotspot devices are configured to only allow certain types of traffic, suuch as basic web browsing and email. VPN traffic may be blocked by the hotspot’s configuration.

2 Firewall or antivirus software: Some firewall or antivirus software can block VPN connections. Check your firewall settings and make sure that your VPN is not being blocked.

3 Incorrect VPN configuration: If you have incorrectly configured your VPN client, it can cause connection issues. Double-check your settings to make sure that everything is correct.

4 Obsolete VPN software version: If you’re using an outdated version of the VPN software, it may not be compatible with your mobile hotspot. Make sure that you have the latest version of the VPN software installed.

5 Router Configuration: If you’re using a mobile hotspot that is connected to a router, the router settings may be blocking VPN traffic. Check your router settings and make sure that VPN traffic is allowed.

6 Mobile Hotspot security settings: Some mobile hotspot providers have security settings that block VPN traffic, make sure to check with the provider if they allow VPN traffic.

7 Mobile Data restrictions: Some mobile providers have data restrictions that block VPN traffic, make sure to check with the provider if they allow VPN traffic.

8 Incorrect APN settings: If your mobile hotspot is connected through an APN, make sure that the APN settings are correct.

Try troubleshooting the issue by checking these points and trying different approaches such as disabling the firewall, resetting the VPN connection, and contacting VPN support can help you resolve the problem.