If you experience the abnormal operation of devices, you may think “am I hacked”. I prepared a questionnaire you can answer a few questions to know if you are hacked. Being hacked may be stressful, sometimes it means that you have to restore (format) your device to feel safe, but first of all do your best to check if you are hacked. Check now if your data may have leaked and afterward check the questionnaire below.

If you have been hacked, we suggest you to install a VPN immediately.

How do i know if my phone is being hacked? Am I hacked?

We experience suspicious messages everyday, so on a daily basis we delete messages and block this contacts. Sometimes when you are busy and the scammer is extremely sneaky, you can make mistakes and open such message, so what to when I am hacked. First of all block the scammer from using your data, you can immediately install a VPN and start changing your passwords. Simultaneously block the access to your most important data and accounts, such as bank account, company server, or communicators. Thirdly, you have to watch scammers moves, as they can get active after even a month so a VPN for few months may be important. On the other hand the best option is to format your device, but nobody what to loose their data and start form a very beginning.

Check our short questionnaire above, it will give you an answer.

How do you know if you have been hacked? Am I hacked?

Most internet users do not know how to find out if they have been hacked. They ask on Facebook groups and forums “Am I hacked?” but isn`t it foolish to expose to next fraud? In groups there are hackers just looking for such idiots.

I made a short anonymous questionnaire for you above, you can simply check if you have been hacked.


Check our questionnaire above.

How to know if your computer is hacked?

Sometimes you may think that your computer got hacked, but on the other hand it works most of the time ok and you are not sure. I made for you a short questionnaire above so you can check if your computer got hacked.
I hate being watched by my computer camera by strangers, I think you too, so better check if your computer is hacked. Worse than being watched by strangers is losing access to a bank account, e-mail, or private data. To prevent such actions it is important to install an antivirus and VPN.

Check our questionnaire above and learn if your computer is hacked.

How do i know if my phone is being hacked

Am I Hacked? How to Tell and What to Do

The thought of your computer or network being hacked is frightening. Your personal information, confidential business data, and sensitiv  files could all be at risk. But how can you tell if you’ve been hacked  and what should you do if you have?

Here are some common signs that your computer or network may have been hacked:

Suspicious activity: If you notice unusual activity on your computer, such as programs opening or closing by themselves, or files that have been moved or deleted it may be a sign that your system has been hacked.

Slow performance: A slow-runing computer could be a sign that your system is infected with malware or that a hacker is using your system’s resources.

Pop-up ads: If you start seeing a large number of pop-up ads or banners, your system may be infected with adware or spyware.

Unusual emails: If you receive emails from unknown sources or if you notice that your contacts are receiving emails from your email address that you did not send, it may be a sign that your email account has been hacked.

Password problems: If you’re unable to log in to your accounts or if you receive password reset requests for accounts that you did not initiate, it may be a sign that your passwords have been compromised.

If you suspect that your computer or network has been hacked, it’s important to take action quickly to prevent further damage  Here’s what you should do:

Disconnect from the internet: Disconnecting from the internet will prevent the hacker from accessing your system and will also prevent any malware from spreading.

Run a malware scan: Use antivirus software to scan your system for malware and remove any infections.

Change your passwords Change the passwords for all of your accounts, especialy those that contain sensitive information.

Contact a professional: If you’re unable to remove the malware or if you need help recovering your data, contact a cybersecurity professional for assistance.

In conclusion, if you suspect that your computer or network has been hacked, it’s important to take action quickly. By following these steps, you can minimize the damage and prevent further harm. Stay vigilant, stay informed, and stay protected.